Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seminar, Fora, Etc.: Intellectual Wealth of the Association

Managing Libraries on the Four Pillars of Learning with Faculty-Library Collaboration as Focus: Forum
2008 December 5
Speaker: Milagros Santos-Ong (Supreme Court)

Library & Information Literacy Power Packages
2008 September 10-11
PNU Library, Manila
Speaker: Ms. Brinerdine G. Alejandrino (TJIC), Former PRC BFL Chair Ms. Perla Garcia and Ms. Elvira Lapuz (UP)

Handling Donations and Outsourcing Web Sites
2008 May 13
Thomas Jefferson Information Center of the American Embassy-Manila/The National Library
Speakers: Mrs. Consuelo J. Estigoy (ELJMC), Ms. Reyza Alenzuela and Ms. Brinerdine G. Alejandrino (TJIC), Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad (ASRC-DLSU)

Library Customer Care
2007 August 14-15
PNU Library Conference Room
Speakers: Ms. Rosario I. Florido (PLDT), Ms. Christine Lucero (DLSU) and Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad (ASRC-DLSU)

Outsourcing: US Government Web Sites and Other Information Sources: Forum
2007 April 12
Thomas Jefferson Information Center of the American Embassy-Manila
Speaker: Ms. Elnora Conti and Ms. Brinerdine G. Alejandrino (TJIC), Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad (ASRC-DLSU)

Library Marketing Strategy That Works
2006 August 16
PNU Library, Manila
Speaker: Ms. Lleuvelyn Cacha (ADMU) and Ms. Zarah Gagatiga (XS)

Reading in the Age of Technology
2005 November 26
PNU Library, Manila
Speaker: Diljit Singh

Cataloging in a Networked Environment
2005 August 17
PNU Library, Manila
Speaker: Estela Montejo (ADMU)

Alleviating Anxiety
2004 November 20
PNU Library, Manila

Leadership and Networking: A Tool for Successful Partnership Among Librarians
2004 August 20
PNU Library, Manila

Proactive Communication Skills for Effective Librarians
2003 November 21
PNU Library, Manila
Speaker: Ms. Placida Socorro Lim-Limpin (Assumption College)

Systems Librarianship 101: Forum
2003 August 29
PNU Library, Manila
Speaker: Mrs. Lourdes T. David (ADMU)

Promoting Literacy Through Storytelling: Seminar-Workshop
2003 May 8-9
The National Library, Manila
Speakers: Prof. Minerva Dela Paz (UP), Ms. Roret Sison (IS-Manila), Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan, Discovering the Skills in Storytelling with Actual Demonstration (XS)

Today’s Librarian: A New Persona
2002 November 15
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Conference Room, Sta. Isabel College, Manila
Speakers: Prof. Monica Escano and Prof. Cecile Tiangson (UP), Prof. Lourdes David (ADMU)

Proactive LIPs (Library & Information Professionals): Committed to Customer Service: Forum
2002 May 20
PNU Library Conference Room
Speaker: Ms. Thelma P. Japson (Civil Service HRDO )

KM 4 LIPS (Knowledge Management for Librarians and Information Professionals): 1st Annual Conference
2001, October 19-20
Corporate Inn Hotel, T.M. Kalaw, Manila
Speakers: Mr. Michael Cole (IBM Philippines), Ms. Teresita Medado (Eduquest, Inc.)

Making Libraries Imperative for the Betterment of the Country: Forum
2001 May 9
PNU AV Theatre, Manila
Speakers: Arch. Geronimo Manahan, Atty. Lilia Garcia (PNU), Asst. Secretary Fe Hidalgo (DECS) and Former Senate President Neptali Gonzales

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