Thursday, December 18, 2008

2003-2004 Accomplishment Report

Delivered by Consuelo J. Estigoy during the 4th General Assembly last November 20, 2004, PNU Library Conference Room

It’s been a year since I accepted the responsibility as president of the Association and now it is the time for me to turnover the duties to the incoming president. I proudly present the achievement of the Board for the year 2004.


At this time of economic crisis, the Board thought of reducing the activities and focus on more substantial matters. Last March 13, we held a second career talk exclusively for the LIS graduating students titled “How to Prepare for a Successful Job Application” in collaboration with the PNU Library and Information Science Department. The resource persons were the past two presidents of PNU-LISAA, Mrs. Placida Socorro Limpin-Lim of Assumption College and Ms. Elnora L. Conti of the Thomas Jefferson Information Center. We promise to continue this activity to help the graduating students of LIS in preparing to land a job. In this activity, we get our best and successful alumni to be our speakers to inspire our students and also to inform them of the existence of the alumni association.

On August 20, we held a seminar-workshop on “Leadership and Networking: A Successful Partnership Among Librarians” at the PNU Library Conference Room. We invited again Mrs. Conti to share her knowledge on this matter. It aimed to involve the librarians from different organizations and libraries, update themselves on the latest trends and share what they have in terms of skills and resources with other librarians. This activity was very successful and well attended perhaps due to the early dissemination of the invitation and to the relevance of the topic. We were surprised to note that most of our participants were non-alumni and mostly from school libraries. Our sincerest gratitude to the former DepEd NCR Director, Dr. Corazon Santiago for the endorsement of the activities thru the different school superintendents in Metro Manila.

Today is the last activity of the year titled “Alleviating Anxiety.” It aimed to give you the theory of library anxiety and how it affects library use and how to alleviate the problem by providing practical recommendations.


When I assumed the position of president, we really thought having fundraising activities because we cannot move without the funds. With so many projects in mind and after a brainstorming session, the Board agreed to the idea of having a raffle (the draw which we did earlier) to give scholarships to deserving PNU LIS undergraduate students. Again thank you so much for your untiring support by buying the tickets.

I know you are always ready to help the Association. Maybe next school year we will start to sponsor a scholar. The incoming members of the Board are expected to come out with the criteria on how to obtain this opportunity with the help of our faculty at the Department. Ms. Medina de Castro, our second time treasurer will report the details of our financial standing later.


Membership has always been a problem for some reasons: distance, no contact details, etc. So I am appealing to those active members to invite your friends and batch mates to involve themselves in the Association. As I have said we are still growing and we need your support. Everyone has to contribute in our own little way for the success of the organization. And lastly, please pay your dues voluntarily or else will hunt you… just kidding. I know it’s easy to ask you especially when it comes to our Association.


We proudly published the improved newsletter this time and may we give the recognition to Miss Bless Velasco, our PRO for the new format. We had two newsletters for this year. You are welcome to contribute if you have any idea or any announcements that you want to include in the newsletter.


When I started to serve the Association in 2002, I was hesitant at first to be a part of an organization thinking that there will always be controversies or whatever… but it’s different in PNU-LISAA. We treated each other as friends, Tita Nora was like a real Tita to all of us. Everybody has the image of a “cowboy,” even if they wore high heels they won’t mind rushing to buy needed materials or carry a bulk of photocopied materials. That’s how I know my colleagues, very cooperative, “walang pasosyal.” I will surely miss the outgoing officers but don’t worry you’re just a phone call away. I am sure the next Board will give your respective assignments as members of the different committees. May I present each one of them, our ever pre-occupied Vice President Ms. Evelyn P. Nabus of Marikina Public Library; Ms. Ofelia Irabon of NSC, Secretary; Treasurer Ms. Medina de Castro of Sta. Isabel College; Mrs. Estela P.Montejo of Ateneo de Manila University, Auditor; Ms. Blesila Velasco of the National Library, PRO; and Board of Directors Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad of De La Salle University; Ms. Shirley Nava of Department of Justice; Ms. Carol Magsino, ms. Mary Ann Jimenez of DLSU-Dasmarinas, Mr. Antonio Resurreccion of Xavier School and Ex-officio Ms. Placida Socorro Limpin of Assumption College.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to become your president. I am very optimistic that someday if someone call you to be a nominee, please don’t refuse right away. I assure you, you will learn a lot in joining associations especially being a board member. Formal education is not enough to develop your skills but it’s also important to know hot interact with your fellow professionals. My sincerest gratitude to our dear fellow alumni, our regular “sukis,” who are enthusiastic in attending our activities, also to the faculty of the PNU LIS Department headed by Dr. Linda Tayona, thank you for all the support. And to all the members, you are our inspiration to keep the Association strong. I hope you will keep on supporting the Association. And lastly my appreciation to my family, to my husband who kept on tracking me down even if he’s miles away from me just to check that I am safe in my traveling from Nueva Ecija to Manila. Well that’s another story to tell. To my boss and only daughter, because I’m a full time mother now, thank you for bearing with me in time of my absences to attend our activities and regular meetings. Also not to forget, my relatives who were willing to substitute as my “yaya,” thank you so much for those help. But this will not be the end. Expect my full support to the Association even if I will become a regular member. Hope to see more of our alumni in our activities next year. Maraming salamat po!

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