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MESSAGE: PNULISAA Inc. Decade Celebration, December 4, 2010

The end of each year brings forth a fresh beginning. Equally, a hopeful leader arises anew to ensure the progression of this association.

The PNULISAA, Inc. organized in 2000, carried in its mission the honing of leadership in support of the member-librarians and libraries, and the promotion of learning including continuing education. Our organization has endowed us with the nurturing influence which we all need to foster each other as we have all developed from one common alma mater, the Philippine Normal University.

In God’s grace, we have achieved ten fruitful years of commitment to share and serve fortified with love and care. The excellent leadership has begotten the team spirit among the members. Though still deficient in number, a decade of existence may very well equate to a decade of accomplishment.

Our mentors and predecessors have imparted expertise, have given confidence and have extended support that leads us to the attainment of our aspirations. MARAMI SALAMAT PO!

May we continue to be in touch with each other, to support each other, to make a real difference to make our vision known to the world.


Congratulations, PNULISAA!

Pesident 2010

2010 President’s Report:

2010 President’s Report:

Thank God for everything!

Magandang- magandang hapon po sa lahat ng nagbigay ng kanilang oras para sa araw na ito.; to all our guests and our very own past presidents of the PNULISAA,Inc. Ms. Elnora Conti, Peachy Limpin, Connie Estigoy, Evelyn Nabus, Medie De Castro, Estela Montejo, Jo Ladlad , mentors , Dr. Maria Orendain, Dr. Linda Tayona, Prof. Miguel Cobaria, Prof. Ruben Marasigan, friends and colleagues.

Thank you for coming, for keeping in touch because today is one of the days of success and fruits of working together.

When I had my acceptance speech, it was a dimmed moment due to an electrical problem facility of the university. And I remembered Ms. Jo, beside me holding her cell phone with built-in flashlight, because I have to read my ‘codigo.’

Today is our day of achievement PNULISAA@10: a Decade of Commitment, Leadership and Solidarity, for all of us here, will be looking back from the past and facing our future. Year 2010 for me is a sacrificial year, batch officers need to sacrifice their time for their family to be able to attend the meetings and activities /programs of the association. In giving, sharing and supporting each member. Hence, may I request my batch officers to stand? Ever-generous vice-president Art Morales III; Secretary Lyn Soriano; persevering treasurer ,Noemi Cabantog; Auditor Chona San Pedro; PRO Gabby Balenbin; Board members Jo Dalicano, Marybel Caasi, Philip Daiz, Bea Sandaga and Marifi Navarro; our advisers Ms. Eve Nabus and Prof. Marasigan . These people deserve a round of applause for the untiring effort and support of making our activities possible… And these are the following:

A. Membership: Our members have increased because of the professors’ assistance and support especially Prof. Cobaria and renewal of membership was being enforced and strengthened. We should maximize the Batch Leaders next year so that we could easily get in touch with alumni members.

B. PNULISAA ID: We have issued the 2nd batch of IDs, please update by paying your renewal fees annually.

C. Scholarship Grant: From one scholar Johanna Tacus, we were able to have two more named Candy Husmilo and Maricel Paya; and today I am asking favor of love to the past presidents to pledge for donor on scholarship program and that includes me now. While some of us here are donors already. Let’s be positive, it’s the youth who’ll benefit.

D. Publication: The supposedly twice a year newsletter was not made materialized because of time constraint and resources, that is why we have only one issue which highlights our very own Ms. Peachy’s message. We encourage you to send your articles/essays for contribution. Please get in touch with our P.R.O.

In addition with our publicity, thanks to Gabriel L. Balenbin, for his effort in creating Facebook account of Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association (PNULISAA, Inc).

E. Financial Matter: Our association fund is now on track of checking account in the bank, at least by maintaining the required balance we now have the consistent savings of Php 50,000.00 as fund. We were also able to open a separate savings account for scholarship fund. Our 4th timer treasurer, Ms. Noemi Cabantog will report on the details of our finances.

F. Library Tour and Forum: Our 4th Lakbay Laybrari was held at St. Scholastica’s Archives /Museum and De La Salle University Archives with forum on Organizational Setting of an Academic Archives with lecture on “Establishing Archives: Challenges& Opportunities “by alumna Marybel P. Caasi.

G. Annual Career Talk: Both officers and alumnus Gabriel L. Balenbin and Arturo O. Morales III were our speakers during the annual career talk activity for Batch BLIS 2010. Only last Saturday, I’ve met one of the alumni member Madam Leonila Galvez and she suggested that Career talk in Librarianship be given to all public and private 4th year high school aimed to promote our career and PNU as well. Maybe the next board will decide on this.

H. PNU-LIS Department coordination: The association was able to link with the PNU-LIS department in the National seminar-workshop entitled “Towards a Dynamic Partnership Program between Teaching and Information Professionals: Technology Integration across Curriculum” last May 20-22, 2010.

I. Seminar-workshop: A 3-day seminar-workshop was held on September 8-10, 2010 at Local Government Academy(LGA) Training Center, UP Los Banos with the topic “Building the Culture of Research between the Librarians and the Administrators,” which was granted with 15 CPE credit units . Speakers were Directors Lourdes David, Ana Maria Fresnido, Prof. Lucila R. Fetalvero, and Dr. Atty. Noel Ramiscal.
Finally, today’s highlight of 2010 activity, the 1st Annual Convention and 10th General Assembly with the theme PNULISAA@10: A Decade of Commitment, Leadership and Solidarity. Let us always work hand in hand for the best of our association, PNULISAA, Inc.

Delivered by:

Marites Kwong-Chavez
December 4, 2010
PNU Manila

Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear Colleagues:

Greetings from the Association!

The PNULISAA, Inc., A caring alumni group, invites you, your librarians and other information professionals to a 3-day seminar-workshop “BUILDING THE CULTURE OF RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE LIBRARIANS AND THE ADMINISTRATORS” on September 8-10, 2010 at the Function room of Local Government Academy Training Center UP Los Baños, Laguna.

Through this seminar-workshop, the Association aims to share and enrich the knowledge of fellow professionals and library personnel on the culture of research with partnership with the administrators by: (1) enhancing the knowledge & skills on the trends in conducting research related to library science & functions; (2) updating knowledge & skills in the use of digital world or worldwide web as one of the tools in doing research work; (3) providing awareness on applicability of copyright law to librarianship research & other implications; (4) reiterating the role of the administrators in giving support to the librarians who engaged in doing research work and (5) appreciating and valuing research as a tool in generating information related to library science.

Seminar topics are: Research & the Information Professionals; The Role of E-Tools in Library Science Research; Research in Librarianship: Applicability of Copyright Law & its implications; Motivating Librarians to Conduct Research and Best Practices in Library & Information Science Research with speakers namely Ms. Lourdes T. David (Library Director, Ateneo de Manila University); Prof. Lucila R. Fetalvero (University Professor, Philippine Normal University); Ms. Milagros M. Ong,( Librarian, Supreme Court of the Phil.); Dir. Ana Maria B. Fresnido,( Library Director, De La Salle University); and Ms. Elizabeth B. Padilla (Librarian, De La Salle University )

This invitation is open to all and will entail a fee of four thousand pesos (Php 4,000.00) which will cover seminar kits, handouts, certificate of participation, certificate of appearance, snacks and lunches. With partial reservation payment of two thousand pesos (Php 2,000.00) on or before August 30, 2010

Please make a check payable to Philippine Normal University-Library and Information Science Alumni Assoc. (PNULISAA), Inc. or may be deposited to BDO (SM Manila Branch) Acct. # 470378972, or pay in advance to any officers of the Association.

For other inquiries, please email:, and

Thank you very much

Sincerely yours,

Arturo Morales III
Vice President/ Conference Chair

Noted by:

Marites K. Chavez

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Abangan ang susunod na kabanata

Parang kailan lang, ang pangarap na alumni’y kay hirap abutin
Dahil sa inyo, napunta ito sa ating nais marating…

Tatanda at lilipas din kami
Ngunit mayrong samahang iiwanan
Sa inyong alaala..

Inggit at kulit. Ito siguro ang dahilan kung bakit nabuo rin sa wakas ang PNU-LISAA. Matagal ding panahon ang dumaan para mabuo ang alumni association na ito. Naalala ko minsan yung kwentuhan namin ni Sir Marasigan tungkol nga sa pag-buo ng isang alumni association dahil nakaka-inngit ang UP, UST, PUP dahil very active ang alumni nila nung mga panahon na nagkaron ng CPE accreditation. Sa kakukulit marahil ng mga ibang alumni na nakakikita nila saan man sila magpunta, finally, nagpatawag na ang department ng isang malaking organizational meeting.

Tanda ko pa yung araw na nabuo itong alumni association. Me sakit pa nga yung anak kong bunso noon, na hindi na bunso ngayon, pero kelangan ko syang iwan kasi isa ako sa emcee nung hapon na yon.

Kung tao itong association natin, malaki na sya, independent na at marunong nang mag-isip para sa sarili niya pero kelangan pa rin ng alalay.

As part of the organizing committee then and as a past president of the Association, I am very proud to have been part of this group. This organization stands apart from the others because of what binds us and the camaraderie that is just contagious. There never was a boring meeting and I hope it still holds true to this day. Saying that I miss the group is an understatement. Being away from you has left a void.

So what’s next for PNU-LISSA as we work towards a decade of serving our members? Here’s what I wish for: that by the end of this message, someone in the audience will put his/her hands up and volunteer to update our website because we owe it to our members/subscribers to our site to be informed of updates and happenings from the group. Truth to tell, alumni are still subscribing to our site even if the last post was a year old.

Hindi naman mahirap ang hinihingi ko diba? Kung nahihiya kayong magtaas ng kamay, lumapit na lang kayo sa isa sa mga officers at bulungan nyo na lang.

Isa pang pangarap ko e manalo sa lotto para maka-uwi ako sa 2010 para makasama kayong mag-celebrate ng 10 years ng grupo.

At this point in time, I think it’s fair to congratulate all of us who are part of the Association for a job well done. It’s heartwarming to see that our efforts have paid off and we should all be looking forward to the next decade.

I hope that the next email I get from the Association would have the subject line: I Volunteer! But of course I wouldn’t mind any other emails as long as it doesn’t have the subject line: Solicitation letter. Joke lang.

Miss you all and advance Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Acceptance Speech

Mrs. Marites K. Chavez (2010 President)
December 5, 2009 General Assembly

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; and working together is success.”

To all our distinguished guests, mentors, colleagues, friends and loved ones. Good afternoon!

I have never thought nor dreamed that I would be the next president of a caring group Philippine Normal University –Library and Information Science Alumni Assn. (PNULISAA, Inc)--- It seems that I don’t have a choice than to accept this responsibility.. Neither do I have to leave because being a member in this group is really something!—the sincerity, the friendship and camaraderie of the group, and the professionalism in mind and in heart makes you feel a family member. I have come to realized that the branded “a caring group” is a reality. Thank you to our ex-officio and excellent speaker, Mr. Roderick B. Ramos for branding our association.

For our decade’s theme “love and commitment to share and to serve” will always be in our heart because we all know that an alumni of PNU will always be a loving and a caring individual just like our ex-officios namely Elnora Conti, Placida Socorro Limpin, Medina de Castro, Consuelo Estigoy, Medel Vincent Bautista, Estela Montejo, Roderick Ramos and of course Jocelyn Ladlad who have worked hard for the success of our association. All of them have in common, a big heart to share and to serve. (Hope to have a bigger one.) Without these people, our association won’t be in realization and of service. ”Kudos” to all of you!

To our dear mentors and founders namely Mr. Ruben Marasigan, Mr.Miguel Cobaria, Dr.Linda Tayona, Dr. Maria Orendain, thank you for your profound support.

To my batchmates’87… You are my treasures, I may not have the best career in my life, but I am happy having you gems grow in my heart.
To my family, my one and only love, who is very supportive and patient in all my activities in life,

And to my batch officers, let’s work hand in hand and if others were able to made it,” kaya rin natin ito!” Last but not the least to Almighty God, for the strength and guidance .

We will be celebrating our decade’s commitment and service next year, part of the plans would be the decade book consisting of directory of membership, its activities, accomplishments and achievements; (please update your membership, keep in touch by emails, through our site -PNULISAA yahoogroups); for membership activation-provision of ID is going on starting 2010 and to continuously update the members, we will select a Batch Leaders to follow up ; prescribed forum and seminar-workshops for professional development with CPE points will continue ; teamwork with the PNU-LIS Department aimed to have a better PNU enrolment and career in librarianship; continue the solicitations, raffles for scholarship grants; we will go on with the outreach program and may I request and encourage each and everyone of you to support our association though we are small, we believe that we always care.

We salute to all of you who are here, see you all next year for our decade celebration and wishing for the best cooperation and camaraderie among our members. God bless us all and Merry Christmas…

Marites K. Chavez

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Handling... & PNU-LISAA, Inc.

More than 60 attended the forum "Handling Difficult Library Customers” last December 5 @ the Philippine Normal University-Library Conference Room sponsored by PNU-LISAA, Inc., A Caring Alumnin Group. Mr. Roderick B. Ramos, 2008 President, presented two ppt. presentations that included How to Be Gentle Librarians using powerful 7-day mantras. Spotted listening to the short lecture PNU professors Ruben P. Marasigan (2009 adviser), former advisers Miguel M. Cobaria and Maria A. Orendain.

The forum was followed by the Association's 9th general assembly with the leadership of 2009 President, Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad (DLSU). Newly elected officers were inducted into office by Dr. Maria A. Orendain, former adviser and current university librarian of the Philippine Normal University. They are Balinbin, Gabriel-Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati; Cabantog, Noemi B.-St. Paul College, Pasig; Daiz, Philip Mark D.-Laguna BelAir School; Dalicano, Jocelyn-St. Michael's College, Laguna; Morales, Arturo O., III-DILG Local Government Academy, Pasig; Navarro, Marifi-Elizabeth Seton School, Las Pinas; Paya, Marybel-Caasi College of Allied Medical Professions, UP-Manila; San Pedro Chona-The National Library, Manila; Tatel, Maricel-Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Calamba with Jocelyn L. Ladlad (De La Salle University-Manila) and Marites K. Chavez (Congressional National High School-Cavite) as 2010 ex-officio and president, respectively. Rosalina Soriano (Earist-Cavite) will serve as the Association's secretary while Arturo O. Morales III(DILG Local Government Academy) is now its conference chair and vice-president.

This year's raffle winners are Ma. Lulu Salvador (P5,000.00); Wilma Olohan (P1,000.00); Kryzara Enriquez (P1,000.00); Medina De Castro whose cash prize of P1,000.00 and Lulu Salavador (1,000.00) were donated to the scholarship fund of PNU-LISAA, Inc.; George Garcia (P500.00); Angie Layugan (P500.00); May Dolis (P500.00); Dr. Ilem (P500.00); Victor Callao (P500.00).

Participants were given 2(indiv/institution al) free Why Worry, a self-help book to all; free Feminine Voices to 1st 30; free Web-Based Reader Services seminar cds to first 25 participants, LGA materials and a certificate of attendance.

2009 Board member Josephine Gabrielle Napao (ADMU) distributed membership IDs and absent alumni of PNS/PNC/PNU LS may now apply for a very special membership ID: pay membership fee of 200 pesos to any officer and ask for a receipt or to Ms. Noemi Cabantog (Treasurer) or thru Banco de Oro with Savings Account Number 470378972 under the Account Name: Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Assn. (PNU-LISAA), Inc. and keep a copy of the deposit slip for the release of the OR. E-mail your complete name, batch year, license number, photo for ID preparation to ramospnulisaa@ or to any officer.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Attendees to 2009 GA

Bernadette Valle PNU, Manila BLIS 2007

Lana Cayabyab St. John of Beverley, Manila BLIS 2007

Analiza Magbanua Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City CLIS 2009

Mary Jane Crame Valenzuela City Polytechnic College, Val. City CLIS 2004

Marybel Caasi UP Manila-College of Allied Medical Professions MA Ed LS 1997

Mary Anne Quesada Brent Intl' School Manila Biñan, Laguna NONE MA Ed LS 2009

Arnel Franco Quezon City Public Library BLIS 2006

Judith Sy St. Stephen's High School, Manila MA Ed LS

Gloria Young St. Stephen's High School, Manila LS Spec.

Kiam Chiu Sy St. Stephen's High School, Manila NONE LS Spec.

Nora Lucero St. Stephen's High School, Manila NO REG FORM

Myra Ortega Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba BSE LS 1999

Mary Ann Olanda Lyceum of the Phil. College of Law, Manila
BLIS 2005

Sr. Marife Lade, SMDC Mater Dei Academy, Tagaytay City

Maria Mimosa Obani St. Paul College, Pasig BSE LS 1991

Partemia Digao St. Paul College, Pasig

Annie Almeda Manila Science High School BSE LS 1987

Babylyn Flororita Institute of Formation & Religious Studies, Q.C. BLIS 2004

Jennifer Caballero Baliuag Maritime Academy, Bulacan

Gina Lyn Pinos Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City

Maria Grace Caparros International School of Manila, Taguig City

Juanita Cuizon Pamantasan ng Cabuyao, Laguna

Maria Nina Grace Castro Canossa College 2009

Bernard Fortunato Ruiz PNU, Manila

Basilisa Dawal Unida Christian College, Cavite

Arturo Morales III Local Government Academy-DILG

Jocelyn Dalicano Saint Michael's College of Laguna

Paulette Manalaysay Carlos Lanting College, Q.C.

Roderick Ramos DLSU-Manila

Medina de Castro Sta. Isabel College, Manila

Rachel Santillan DOST Region 1

Gabriel Balenbin Don Bosco Technical Institute-Makati

Marian May Marquez Manila Cathedral School BLIS 2009

Donna Lyn Labangon Our Lady of Mercy School of Q.C. BLIS

Zenaida Macalawi University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Las Piñas

Grace Bernaldez Montessori De Sagrada Familia, Bulacan

Mamerto Tubis Montessori De Sagrada Familia, Bulacan

Rosita Uy University of Batangas BLIS 2003

Anselma Manumbale Lipa City Colleges, Batangas CLIS 2007

Teresita Miralles Divine Word College of Calapan

Ma. Isabel Baladad Novaliches High School, Q.C.

Lourdelene Nipes Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino

Jennifer Marcos Tiny Tots Early Stage Preschool, Cavite

Maricel Tatel Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba

Teodina Palattao University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Las Piñas BLIS 2008

Leah Maria Karena Aballe Trinity University of Asia, Q.C.

Medina de Castro Sta. Isabel College, Manila
Lulu Salvador PLM, Manila