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The PNU-LISAA: A Year Today

Accomplishment report delivered by by Elnora L. Conti last 2001 president during the 2nd Annual General Assembly held on 20 October 2001 at the Corporate Inn Hotel

It has been a very fruitful year for the Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association, Inc. (PNU-LISAA, Inc.)

When I accepted the presidency last year, I did not have any qualms, no hesitancy and regrets for I felt I have a mission to fulfill – that of helping establish this Association. The calling to do something for my Alma Mater was great.

Successes and Accomplishments

I accepted the challenges of leading the Association because I was confident I am with a group of active but not hyper young blood board members who showed eagerness, cooperation, devotion and determination to help, participate. With such a short time, I am happy to report the following accomplishment of the Board.

A. PNU-LISAA constitution and by-laws including the seal of the Association.

B. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration – PNU-LISAA is now a duly registered non-stock, non-profit organization with registration number A200114750 dated September 27, 2001.

C. PNU-LISAA Action Plan 2001-2005 – With the help of the Board, we have established the mission and vision of the Association and intend to implement these goals in the next five years.

D. PNU-LISAA Newsletter – We came up with two (2) issues of the newsletter.

E. Membership – From the initial seventy (70), we are now a strong one hundred.

F. Activities Participated In –
1. Forum – As our participation to our Alma Mater’s Centennial celebration, we sponsored the “Forum on Making Libraries Imperative for the Betterment of the Country” on May 9, 2001 at the PNU Audiovisual Room with the late Senate President Neptali Gonzales and Architect Geronimo V. Manahan, president of Planning Resources and Operation Systems as our speakers. This was attended by more than 120 librarians and information professionals including the chair of the PRC Board for Librarians, Mrs. Susima Gonzales and was graced by the attendance of no other than the president of the Philippine Normal University, Atty. Lilia Garcia, as inducting officer.
2. PNU Centennial Celebration, August 27-September 2, 2001 - We help raised funds by soliciting T-shirts for sale at the Library Club’s booth at the trade fair. We participated in the Centennial Parade on September 1. We gave two thousand pesos donation to the Centennial fund raising by subscribing to the souvenir program.
3. PRC Directory of Registered Librarians – We also gave a 1000-peso donation/subscription to this forthcoming directory.
4. Yours truly represented the Association in a meeting with the NCCA-NCLIS where your officers signed the appeal to GMA not to appoint a non-librarian to NCLIS on August 20, 2001.
5. As our outreach, we gave book donation to a barangay in Rizal in a program held at the Philippine Normal University in December 2000. Our PRO, Jing Bautista represented our Association in the event.

G. “KM 4 LIP’s Knowledge Management for Librarians and Information Professionals” - PNU-LISAA sponsored annual conference in cooperation with Library Associates, Inc. and other co-sponsors.

H. The PNU-LISAA website project chaired by Ms. Rowena Rueda who is now with NEDA was completed.

Some Drawbacks

A. Resignation – Two members of the original board members resigned for personal reasons. We elevated the next two who got the next number of votes, as embodied in our by-laws. These two were Nelia Artieda and Jennifer Sagadal Sarmiento and were replaced by Medina de Castro and Lorenza Dungca. Last month, we learned that Ms. Amabel Sibug resigned from PNU and sent words that she is also resigning from the Association.

Final Words

Leading PNU-LISAA in the new millennium was the most challenging and exciting task I have ever undertaken. I could have not done all these without the help and cooperation of the Board and the trust, confidence and support you extended to me and your outgoing board of trustees. I consider myself blessed because God put all of you in my life as we went through the organization and complying with legal requirements of establishing our Association. As the saying goes, “When God wants to bless you, he puts a person or persons in your life.”

“You will only have significant success with something that is an obsession.” We had our obsession – that was to organize as an alumni organization, and we emerged victorious and successful in this task.

To close, let me lift this quotation from my favorite idol, “Ask not what PNU-LISAA can do for you, but what you can do for PNU-LISAA and to our dear Alma Mater.”

May I request everyone to continue to give the same trust, confidence and support extended to me to the new president, Ms. Peachy Limpin and to all succeeding officers and board of trustees.

Good luck, thank you and good day!

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