Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PNU-LISAA: Keep the Torch Burning

A Message of Elnora L. Conti
President 2000-2001

My warmest greetings to the organizing members of the Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association (PNU-LISAA) who officially organized in October last year.

This was the dream of our mentors, particularly those who are no longer with us today. Attempts were made in the past to organize, but did not materialize. We finally made it at the millennium and centennial celebration of our beloved Alma Mater. Now that we have finally made it, it is but fitting to celebrate. It is now our responsibility to sustain its existence, a legacy of the graduates of library and information science in this University.

As graduates of the Philippine Normal University (formerly Philippine Normal School, then Philippine Normal College), this prestigious, century-old university in teacher education, what role do librarians and information professionals have in our youth’s future? Our mission is to provide leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all Filipinos. We are the teachers’ partners in educating the youth. We are then committed to education and continuous learning, equity and access, freedom and literacy.

Initially, I have the following action goals for the Association:

- PNU-LISAA will support libraries and librarians by communicating clearly and strongly why libraries and librarians are both unique and valuable.
- PNU-LISAA will be a leader in the use of technology for communication with democratic participation, and shared learning among its members.
- PNU-LISAA will actively promote continuing education for librarians and library personnel.

We shall take the following initial steps:

- Register the PNU-LISAA with the Securities and Exchange Commission;
- Develop and prepare a detailed action plan of conferences and seminars for five years;
- Participate and get involved in development projects to improve the facilities of the PNU LS Department and the University in general;
- Participate actively in the development of curricular offering of the PNU LS Department;
- Launch an active campaign for membership.

The road ahead is not easy as a newborn association. We will have to struggle to find our place in the education and information society. I am aware of a lot of challenges, but when we work cohesively, we will overcome whatever difficulties we encounter.

As the first president of the PNU-LISAA, I am looking forward to lead the Association in advocating the value of libraries and librarians in promoting literacy in the country, thereby connecting our barrios to recorded knowledge in all forms. I enjoin every member to extend their whole-hearted cooperation and together let us uphold the Association’s Constitution and By-laws. I urge and challenge the PNU-LISAA membership to keep the torch burning.

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