Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project:Outreach Santol

Date: January 31, 2009
Venue: Santol Municipality, La Union
Contact Persons: Marissa Acosta, Provincial Librarian and Mayor Daisy Olivar, Mayor of Santol, La Union
Recipients: Around 25-30 persons manning the different libraries in the municipality and some teachers

Mayor Daisy Olivar and Marissa Acosta came to visit DLSU-Manila in November 2008 to pick-up some library donations. M. Acosta, who used to work in DLSU Library, introduced J. Ladlad to the very young mayor, Mayor Daisy. In the brief conversation, there was inter-change of some municipal concerns and dreams for the welfare of her constituents while the librarian’s work and activities were also shared to her. Mayor Daisy wishfully thought of offering her teacher and librarian constituents a lecture or similar activities that would hopefully inspire them in their work. J. Ladlad offered assistance through lectures and workshop together with her group of librarians as an outreach activity in her town of Santol. Mayor Daisy gratefully accepted the offer.

J. Ladlad discussed the information during the PNULISAA Board meeting and recommended to the Board to have this as an outreach project which was whole heartedly accepted by the Board members.

Objectives:The objectives of the out reach activity are:
1. Providing basic information on
1.1 library management and service
1.2 sourcing and handling of donations
1.3 cataloging library materials
2. Acknowledging the importance of the work of people in far flung area through the different interactive activities
3. Sharing some books and library materials to augment the library collection

Activities: Lecture-workshop, Donation of books and other materials
A. A lecture-workshop will be held in the venue provided by Mayor Daisy Olivar and Ms. Marissa Acosta

The whole day activity has three (3) lecture-workshop with the following topics:
1st Lecture-workshop on Library Management and service –J. Ladlad
2nd Lecture-workshop on Sourcing and handling of donations—N. Nabus
3rd Lecture-workshop on Cataloguing –E. Montejo

All the lectures are expected to have one or two activities for the workshop. In between lecture, ice-breaker activities will be given.

B. Turn-over of donations.

Materials Needed
A. Hardware
Computer and LCD
B. Paper and pens for the participants
C. White board or black board

Schedule, Expenses etc.

Arrival: Manila, 12:00 AM-4:00 A.M.
Departure: Santol 10: 00 P.M-4:00 A.M.

Transportation: The group will take the public transport (Partas/Viron bus in Quezon City terminal); fare is Php 400 + one way or around Php 1, 000.00 round trip.


Pasay City Quezon City
EDSA (beside Winston Hotel) Aurora Blvd. cor. Bernardino St
Pasay City Quezon City
Tel. (63 2) 851-4025 Tel. (63 2) 725-7303

If the group decides to stay overnight and return to Manila on Sunday, Mayor Daisy is offering her home to stay. So no expense will be incurred here.

Our heart is on service for PNULISAA is a caring group.

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