Tuesday, January 13, 2009


PNU-LISAA, Inc. takes great pleasure in celebrating with you!

My warmest congratulations to 2008 Executive Board and members of the Medical and Health Librarians Association of the Philippines (MAHLAP) for a wonderful year which sets next years of the Association. Your authentic sincerity and deep involvement to serve fellow librarians and the nation are noteworthy. MAHLAP will prevail – win through - and is worthy of emulation by all - both as a quality program provider and as a professional group.

As a quality program provider, MAHLAP prepares itself and instrumental in playing a big role in the educational challenges facing medical and health libraries, locally and internationally. Here, MAHLAP is at its best!

As a professional group, MAHLAP only shares what they have become and continuously serves and assists. Here, MAHLAP shines above us all!

Long life to Medical and Health Librarians Association of the Philippines!

2008 President

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