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Ateneo librarian now president to PNU-LISAA, Inc

Estela Montejo, professional cataloger of ADMU, along with other officers and board members have been inducted to officership last December 9, 2006 at a PNU-LISAA, Inc. general assembly. Here written is her acceptance speech:

New President’s Goals

Our beloved Board for Librarians, Member, Mrs. Elnora Conti, PNU Library Science Professors; Dr. Tayona, Prof. Ruben Marasigan (etc.) and our new Chief Librarian Dr. Mary Orendain, Guests, Past Presidents of PNULISAA, Fellow officers, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, a pleasant Good morning and welcome to PNULISAA 6th General Assembly and Induction ceremonies.

I am indeed very happy that you are present at this occasion. Being here is already a manifestation of your persisting interest in our Association’s programs and activities.

Let me first narrate how my involvement with our association came about, the first I was appointed as an officer (as secretary) of the Association was in 2002, with Mr. Jing Bautista as our president. Mr. Bautista approached me during the General Assembly and asked me to be the Secretary of the Association, at first, I was reluctant to accept his invitation, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to make it because I knew then that accepting would mean commitment and acceptance of responsibilities and challenges the new board will be facing ….(dahil sa awa ko at nahiya rin ako sa kanila tinanggap ko at sabi ko sige susubukan ko). This is my 5th year in service of the Association, having been re-elected every year since 2002. I must say I have gained enriching experiences and learned to love the Association, the officers and members I worked with, and the library profession as well. Last year you chose me to be the Vice-president, which makes me your president elect for 2006-2007.

Looking at this crowd and realizing the position that I now occupy, I cannot help but feel a bit overwhelmed, nervous and even intimidated by your expectations from me as the president.
Your support and trust will be my motivation to effectively accomplish my duties and to reach the goals we have set. Everyone in this gathering will agree with me that the success of the Board does not depend solely on the President. Our success relies heavily on the cooperation of the executive members and the active support and participation of all the members of the Association; we are all part of this Association. I therefore urge you to participate in the planning and implementation of our projects and share your ideas freely with the current officers.
The Association needs fresh ideas from fresh graduates, so I am also convincing you to join the executive board next year.

In behalf of the 2006 Board, let me present to you my plans and programs for the year 2006-2007.

Membership Campaign

We would like to appeal to our fellow alumni to renew their memberships or become lifetime members.Alumni Directory This year we will compile and publish an Alumni Directory. This is very important tool in reaching out and in disseminating information to all our members.


We will continue organizing seminars/trainings, one held annually a lecture-workshop on Career talk for PNU Library Science graduating students. (At least 2 seminars for a year). We have a big number of alumni who have made their mark both local and international scene. We will tap their skills and resources or a speaker for this activity and we hope that they will be more than willing to support us in this endeavor.

Scholarship Grants

This is for LS students, the guidelines were set already and hopefully we can implement this by this coming school year. Those who are interested just inquire at the Department or Dr. Tayona’s office.

With these as my guide, and with your confidence, I appeal to all of you to help me achieve these goals. Again, we will not be able to accomplish all these things without your support and total involvement in all our undertakings.

I pray to God Almighty for his blessings and guidance in all our activities. Again, thank you and God bless us all.

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