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President’s Report 2004-2005

By Evelyn P. Nabus

It has been a year since I accepted the responsibility as president of this Association and now the time has come for me to turn-over the duties and responsibilities to the incoming president. But before that, allow me to present the achievements of the board for the year 2005.

Organized fora and workshop

As part of the yearly activity of the Association, last February, we held the 3rd annual career planning workshop for all graduating students of LIS, in coordination with the Department. It aimed to help the graduating class prepare for their job hunt. The activity included how to prepare an application letter and resume and how to prepare for an interview. The resource person was no less than our very own, the energetic Ms. Jocelyn L. Ladlad of De La Salle University.

On August 17, we held a lecture-workshop on “Cataloging in a Networked Environment” at the PNU library multimedia center. We invited, as our resource speaker, to share her expertise in cataloging, also our very own, Ms. Estela Montejo with the help of her colleague Ms. Michelle Panti of Ateneo De Manila University. The activity aimed to make cataloging easy with the help of available web resources.

Thirty-six librarians, both public and private schools attended the half-day lecture-workshop. We extend our gratitude for the sponsors on that day, the Manila Bulletin for the laptop used by the speakers and Gakken Philippines for the wireless LCD projector.

Financial Matters

Some of our past and present officers pledged certain amount of money to our coffer for the scholarship, and we are still waiting for the other alumni who may want to share their blessings also. We are still in the process of preparing documents and selection criteria for the scholarship program.


We are now in our 5th year of existence, but membership is still a problem with us, as to how we can reach out to alumni. We worked hard to establish this Association, so we are asking your help, active members to invite your classmates to be part of the Association. This is ours: share your expertise, time and sometimes your resources for the benefit of the Association.

We extend our gratitude to Lorenz and Ofel for emailing some names of their classmates and we are expecting more emails of alumni from you active members.

We published at least 2 newsletters a year. We are encouraging you members to contribute articles, announcements or ideas that you want to include in the newsletter. We also have one web site which we share with the Department at The site’s name is PNU-LIS Updates and is maintained by a core group of alumni.

Board Members 2004-2005

As one of the pioneer in this Association, I’m proud to say that the Association survived for 5 years now and that is because all of you who supported our activities. I take great pride in being part of a team that always works as one, walang pataasan, and everyone is welcomed to contribute his ideas during brainstorming. It is indeed a commitment to all of us to work for the benefit of our Association. I will miss the group, especially the laughter during our meeting. May I present each one of them, our very energetic vice president, Ms.Medina de Castro of Sta. Isabel College; Ms. Myrna Fortus of Araullo High School, secretary; Ms. Bless Velasco of National Library, treasurer; Ms. Vivian Gallardo of Philippine Cultural High School, auditor; Mr. Roderick B. Ramos of Philippine Normal University, PRO; and board of trustees, Ms. Jocelyn Ladlad, DLSU; Ms. Mary Ann Jimenez, DLSU-Dasma; Ms. Estela Montejo, ADMU; Mr. Antonio Resureccion of Xavier School; and ex-officio Ms. Consuelo Estigoy.

Thank you for your support to all our activities under my leadership as president. If someone will call you to be part of the team don’t hesitate to accept the nomination. I know you will enjoy and learn more. Also a sincerest gratitude to our dear fellow professionals who are always willing to attend and support all our activities, and to the faculty, who serve as our inspiration to continue our journey. This is not the end, always expect my full support to the Association, you can always reach me through cell phone or email anytime you need me. Hope to see more of our fellow alumni in our future activities.

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