Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2006-2007 Outgoing President’s Report

By Estela A. Montejo, President

Director Nera, PRC BFL Chair, Dr. Orendain, Philippine Normal University Librarian, and PNU Library Science Professors, Prof. Miguel Cobaria, Prof. Ruben P. Marasigan, fellow officers of the PNULISAA and alumni: Good Afternoon.

Another year has come and gone. In behalf of the PNULISAA Executive Board, I proudly present to you the following accomplishments for the year 2006-2007.


Our first scholar, Ms. Johanna Jayne S. Tacus, a second year student of BLIS.

In one of our meetings, I asked the board that the scholarship fund be given enough funding para hindi maubusan and the board agreed since generating funds is a daunting task for the Association. But it was fortunate that generous friends and colleagues were always around to offer financial support for the Scholarship Fund. Maraming salamat po sa patuloy na pagsuporta. As of today, we have a total of 19,100.. (Sana madagdagan pa, baka meron gustong mag-pledge…) The 10,000 came from the Association’s fund.


There are a total of 178 alumni in the general membership. There are about 50% are active and the rest are out of reach. The current board decided to increase membership fee from 100 to 150.00 and the increase of 50.00 will be effective this year.


In an effort to update the PNULISAA Alumni Directory, a new database has been developed by the Membership Committee members, Lorenz Dungca and Ms. Thess Chavez. From our old database and the newly paid members were added to come up with the new list or directory. This is really important to be able to reach out and disseminate information for all the members. If you have email addresses, we need your email so we can include you to our yahoogroups to keep you informed of the Association’s activities and alumni whereabouts. Also we can send the newsletter via the Internet to minimize the cost of mailing that is eating up our resources.


The Association’s newsletter is supposed to be published twice a year. However, due to limited resources and time for the officers to work for the newsletter, the board decided to publish one issue this year instead of the usual two issues. I hope the new board will be able to publish regularly.

Library Tour and Forum

“Outsourcing: U.S. Government Web sites and other Information Sources” was well-attended activity of the Association. It was held at the Thomas Jefferson Information Center. This activity was intended for PNULISAA members only, also served as a get-to-gether for PNULISAA members. Organizing activity for the members is one way of attracting/inviting PNU graduate of LS who are members or no interest in being members before. At least this activity would made them realized the importance of being a member. About 40 alumni members (including the officers) attended this forum. Then, participants were also toured around the library and chambery of the Embassy by Mr. Bruce Armstrong, Cultural Affairs Officer.


“Library customer care” was organized to introduce customer care to the library profession’ utilize accepted customer care models in the practice of the library profession and enrich the customer’s library experience. It was held on August 14-15, 2007 at the PNU Library Conference room. Resource speakers were experts in the field with topics ranging from Professional care across all services; Library customer care as an institutional marketing tool and marketing brands and models – were truly enriching, interesting topics and appreciated by the participants. Request to repeat this seminar is being considered, and will be handled by the next board.

The incumbent board deserves a pat on the back for its efforts and leadership in achieving these objectives. May the humble accomplishments mentioned achieve the Association’s objectives and serve as encouragement to the incoming set of Executive Board. May I ask the incumbent officers to please rise to be recognized. Thank you very much!

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