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Article I

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association, informally known as PNU-LISAA, herein referred to as the Association.
Section 2. The domicile and office of the PNU-LISAA shall be housed at the Library Science, Reading & Literacy Department at the PNU Library Building, Taft Ave., Manila
Section 3. The seal of the Association shall be two concentric circles. In the middle of the inner circle are two clasped hands symbolizing the alumni and the university. Behind the clasped hands are an open book and a lighted torch in yellow representing education and library science. The background is blue with the ideals of the association, namely, truth, freedom, literacy and fellowship. In the outer circle, the PNU-LISAA is Spelled out and the founding year of the Association.
Section 4. The color of the association shall be blue and yellow.

Article II

Section 1. The objectives of this Association shall be: establish friendship and enhance social fellowship among its members; promote understanding, cordiality and cooperation among its members; advance networking and communication pathways among its members;
d.and, to support the programs and activities of the Library Science Department;
Section 2. The Association shall:
a.promote and support a continuing program for library education;
b.and, uphold the dignity and the professional ethics of librarianship.

Article III

Section 1. Membership in the Association is open to all graduates and faculty of the Library Science Department of the Philippines Normal University – undergraduate specialization, undergraduate majors, and graduate programs in library science. Membership shall consist of:
a.regular members who shall pay an annual due of P100.00;
b.Honorary members who shall be persons who have distinguished themselves in the field of librarianship and contributed to the mission and vision of the Association upon nomination of the Board. They shall be exempt from paying dues.
Section 2. All of the above shall become members in good standing on payment dues pursuant to article VII section 1.
Section 3. all members of the Association in good standing shall have the right to attend general meetings, to participate in discussions, to propose resolutions and amendments to the constitution and by-laws, to be nominated for any position, and to vote.
Section 4. A member who fails to pay his annual dues for two (2) consecutive years shall be deemed a member not of good standing.

Article IV

Section 1. The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) elected officers, five (5) directors and the immediate past-president as ex-officio. Only those elected to the board of directors may vote to the meetings of the Board.
Section 2. Elective officers shall be the president, Vice-President, Treasurer, Auditor, and Public Relations Officers (PRO). The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the President pursuant to Article V section 1(b). Terms of office of these officers shall be for one year.
Section 3. Chairpersons of the following Standing Committees shall be members of the Board of Directors and appointed by the President, subject to approval by the Board: Membership Committee; Nominating and Election Committee; Conference & Programs Committee; Finance Committee; Documentation and Publications Committee; Sunshine Committee; etc. The President may appoint, subject to the approval by the Board of Directors, Chairpersons for other committees not specifically listed here. Individual members of these committees shall be the discretion of the chairperson of each committee. All committees shall report to the Board of Directors.
Section 4. In the event that vacancy occurs in the Board, The candidate garnering the next highest number of votes in the last annual election shall serve the remaining portion of the term.

Article V

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the President to:
a.Preside all the bard meetings of the Association.
b.Appoint the secretary and Chairperson of each committee subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
c.Attend to or designate all Association correspondence and furnish the secretary with copies.
d.Have the right to be a signatory on the Association’s Bank account and disburse finances together with the Treasurer.
e.Submit an accomplishment report at the end of the term.
f.Serve as ex-officio member of the Board of Directors upon expiration of his term but shall not have the right to vote.
Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to:
a.In the absence of the President, perform all the duties of the President described in Article V section 1 (a-f) except section d.
b.Succeed the President in case of vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.
c.Perform such other functions and duties that may be assigned to him by the president and/or the Board.
d.Chair the Conference and Programs Committee.
Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:
a.Be appointed by the President.
b.Take and distribute the minutes of the proceedings of all Board of Directors meetings, and prepare agenda and resolutions.
c.File all papers, correspondence, and documents for future reference.
d.Notify by phone, fax or e-mail members of the Board of Directors about meetings.
e.Keep a record of all the members of all committees
f.Perform such other functions and duties that may be assigned to him by the President, the Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:
a.Be the financial officer of the Association
b.Maintain an accurate and current account of all income and expenses of the Association, and to report this financial status at each meeting of the Board of Directors.
c.Serve as Chairperson of the Finance Committee.
Section 5. It shall be the duty of the Auditor to:
a.Audit and examine the receipt of all finances and disbursements of funds of the Association, and shall see to it that the disbursements are properly carried out in accordance with these by-laws, the resolutions of the Board of Directors and the Members of the Association.
b.Make an annual report to the Board of Directors and to the members of the Association and such other reports that the Board of Directors may require him.
Section 6. It shall be the duty of the Public Relations Officer (PRO) to:
a.Be Chairperson of the Documentation and Publications Committee to cover all the activities of the Association.
b.Prepare press releases of all the Association’s activities.
c.Keep a Scrapbook of the events and activities of the Association like photos, newspaper articles and other materials.
d.Be in charge of disseminating information to all members of the Association.
Section 7. In case of resignation, removal, or permanent incapacity of both President and the Vice-President, the Board shall elect among the five (5) other members who are not holding any position, an acting President who shall serve the remainder of the term.

Article VI

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee chairperson to:
a.Keep accurate records of membership files.
b.Maintain accurate records of dues paid and issue notices of dues payable in coordination with the Treasurer.
c.Receive, account for, and turn over to the
Treasurer, all funds received in payment for dues.
d.Maintain mailing lists of members of the Association.
e.Encourage eligible alumni to become members of the Association.
f.Appoint three members of the committee from the genera membership.
Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Nominating and Elections Committee chairperson to:
a.Appoint three members from the general membership
b.Work with the Membership Committee chairperson and determine who among the regular members may be able to serve actively for the Association and contact potential active members.
c.Preside over all nominating meetings.
d.Furnish ballots, supervise voting and ballot count and proclaim the winners.
Section 3. it shall be the duty of the Conference and Programs chairperson to:
a.Plan and arrange for the Alumni Reunion, Annual Membership Meeting, and other events planned by the Board of Directors.
b.Appoint four members from the general membership to oversee the program, decorations, plan for and manage reservations and registration of guests.
Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Documentation and Publications Committee to:
a.Take charge of the official publication of the Association
b.Appoint four members from the general membership.
Section 5. It shall be the duty of the Sunshine Committee to:
a.send birthdays, congratulatory and other important message to members.

Article VIII

Section 1. Elections shall be held every October under the supervision of the Nominations and Election Committee pursuant to Article VI section 2.
Section 2. Not later than three months before the annual meeting of the Association, the Nominations and Election Committee shall submit to the Board of directors the names of at least 15 members of good standing as its nominees for membership in the incoming Board of Directors.
The final list of nominees as approved by the Board shall be printed in sufficient number of copies by the Committee which shall subsequently mail to members of the Association each an official ballot, a copy of the list of candidate, and a brief bio-data of each candidate.
The Committee, in its accompanying letter to the members, shall instruct them to choose nine (9) from listed candidates and write their names on the ballot. The Committee shall provide the prospective voters with self-addressed stamped envelopes.
The Committee shall serve as a Board of Canvassers to canvass the votes at least three weeks before the annual meeting of the Association. The Chairman of the Board of Canvassers shall duly notify the nine (9) candidates who garnered the nine (9) highest number of votes as having been elected to the incoming Board of Directors.
Fifteen (15) days before the general homecoming and annual general assembly of the Association, the newly elected members of the Board of Directors shall meet to elect from among themselves the Vice-President and president-elect, the Treasurer, The Auditor, and the Press Relations Officer. The other five shall serve as regular members of the Board of Directors. The election of the officers shall be presided over by the incumbent president.

Article IX

Section 1. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly, the time, the date, and the place to be decided the Board itself.
a.If necessary, the President and/or a majority of the Board of Directors (6 members) can call for additional meetings as needs arise.
b.At all meetings of the Board of Directors, Six (6) members present shall constitute a quorum.
c.An officer who fails to attend 2 consecutive meetings will be given a reminder and will have to explain why he failed to attend.
Section 2. The Association shall hold an annual meeting on a date prior to the National Library and Information month, the precise date and place to be fixed by the Board. The meeting shall feature the induction into office of the incoming officers and the new members of the Association.
Section 3. Following the elections, a meeting of the out-going and incoming Board of Directors shall be called to turn over reports, books and records.
Section 4. All meetings shall be conducted according to the Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article X

Section 1. This Constitution may be amended by 2/3 votes of the entire voting membership.
Section 2. Amendments may be proposed by the Board of Directors, or by at least twenty (20) voting members of the Association. Proposals originating from the Board of Directors Shall be approved by 2/3 vote of the Board before submission to the members. Proposals originating by petition shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and shall be presented to the members with recommendations of the Board.

Article XI

Section 1. This constitution and by-laws will be adopted and ratified by a majority vote of members present in the affirmative on 21 October 2000.

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